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Stainless Casting Butt Hinge For Fire Extinguisher Company Of UAE

This customer is a company that manufacture firefighting facilities-fire extinguisher in the UAE. Firefighting facilities? Yes, that’s right! Our  stainless casting butt hinges are widely used for various industries. The client needs to produce a batch of fire extinguisher with protecting cabinet for outdoor and public place, such as parks ,hotels, shopping malls. As we […]

Invited to participate in the “Asian Yacht Exhibition – Guangzhou Yacht Show”

Hiever is a manufacturer specializing in the production and supply of marine hardware products in China. Hiever has always insisted on providing customers with high-quality marine products. Key words:Marine grade hardware; Pipe hardware; Cleat; Deck hardware; Deck fill; Slam latch/Hatch hardware; Asian Yacht Exhibition   By invitation, Hiever participated in the “Asian Yacht Show – […]

A Brief Introduction About Marine Grade Boat Anchors

Hiever is a professional manufacturer of hardware accessories for fishing boats, dinghies, deck boats, etc. Hiever offers a wide range of mooring accessories and deck accessories. The following article mainly briefly introduces the anchor accessories. Key words:Anchor; Grapnel anchor; Folding anchor; Swivel anchor; Double swivel anchor; Bruce anchor; Delta anchor; Danforth anchor   Brand new […]

Stainless steel large dimension industrial hinges for UAE

Stainless steel hinges are widely used in many field in the world. 100% guaranteed stainless steel 316 hinges are not only used in marine industry, but also in many industrial fields. This case is one of our customers in UAE. They are the manufacturer of heavy duty access hatch and they are looking for heavy […]

What Are Differences Between Stainless Steel AISI316 And AISI304?

Stainless Steel AISI316 contains Molybdenum for more corrosion resistance, but much more expensive; Stainless Steel AISI304 doesn’t contain Molybdenum, and it is cheaper choice in cost.  304 material does not contain molybdenum, and the nickel content is 8% or more; 316 material contains molybdenum 2.0% or more, nickel 10% or more. The difference between them is corrosion […]

What is Advantage of Investment Casting ?

Investment Casting is a versatile method which has many advantages over other technologies such as machining, forging, sintering or other casting processes. You can benefit from the advantages of investment casting in the production of your components: High level of design flexibility enables complex geometries to be achieved in a single cast Intricate structures Near net shape […]