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Stainless steel large dimension industrial hinges for UAE

Stainless steel hinges are widely used in many field in the world. 100% guaranteed stainless steel 316 hinges are not only used in marine industry, but also in many industrial fields. This case is one of our customers in UAE. They are the manufacturer of heavy duty access hatch and they are looking for heavy […]

What Are Differences Between Stainless Steel AISI316 And AISI304?

Stainless Steel AISI316 contains Molybdenum for more corrosion resistance, but much more expensive; Stainless Steel AISI304 doesn’t contain Molybdenum, and it is cheaper choice in cost.  304 material does not contain molybdenum, and the nickel content is 8% or more; 316 material contains molybdenum 2.0% or more, nickel 10% or more. The difference between them is corrosion […]

What is Advantage of Investment Casting ?

Investment Casting is a versatile method which has many advantages over other technologies such as machining, forging, sintering or other casting processes. You can benefit from the advantages of investment casting in the production of your components: High level of design flexibility enables complex geometries to be achieved in a single cast Intricate structures Near net shape […]

Reasons For Choosing Industrial Heavy Duty Stainless Hinges

The common type of Heavy Duty Steel Hinge is the galvanized metal hinge,these galvanized hinge is often found on the doors of commercial grade buildings, it can be used in other applications as well.Commercial industrial hinges are designed to support heavy loads of up to fifteen thousand pounds, or nearly twice as much weight as regular hinges. For […]

We Are Invited To Attend Government CBET Conference

    Our Company is invited to attend government CBET Conference ( Cross -Border -E- Commerence ) on 20th June 2021.After our city become the national Polit Free Trade Zone , our government pay high attention to the development of cross border commerence and traditional foreign trade ,so a lot of good polices have been […]

What is Silica Sol Precision Casting ?

Among all the precision casting technology ,one of the most common investment casting is Silica Sol casting( also known as lost wax casting).      The main process : select suitable investment materials (such as paraffin) to make investment molds; repeat the steps of dipping refractory paint and sprinkling refractory sand on the investment mold, hardening […]

Stainless Steel Stud Mount Boat Handrail For Canada

Marine grade stainless steel handrail is widely used in boat , yacht , fishing boat ,motor boat ,cruise ship etc . For your choice , Both SS316 and SS304 are the standard material , various handrail tubes dimension and thickness , different handrail design ,in a word , just let us know your request , […]

How to Deal With Stainless Steel Drain Vent

The choice of stainless steel drains should not only consider aesthetics, but also consider functionality. In various yachts and ships, drain pipes and vents need to be installed to discharge sewage gas, water and oil. Another problem is if the drain hole is blocked by debris. You need to clear it to get clean and safe.   […]