Invited to participate in the “Asian Yacht Exhibition – Guangzhou Yacht Show”

Hiever is a manufacturer specializing in the production and supply of marine hardware products in China. Hiever has always insisted on providing customers with high-quality marine products.

Key words:Marine grade hardware; Pipe hardware; Cleat; Deck hardware; Deck fill; Slam latch/Hatch hardware; Asian Yacht Exhibition


By invitation, Hiever participated in the “Asian Yacht Show – Guangzhou Yacht Show” held in Changzhou, Guangzhou, China from March 1st to March 4th, 2023.

Hiever mainly displayed our stainless steel marine-grade hardware products at this exhibition. At our exhibition booth, we mainly displayed various Deck hardware, Pipe hardware, Boat cleat fittings, Deck filler, Slam latch/Hatch hardware. Our products have been appreciated and loved by foreign and domestic customers.

At this exhibition, we also visited the products of many internationally renowned shipbuilding companies, such as Brunswick, O’Neill, and Alpha. There were also many powerful domestic shipbuilding companies in China at the exhibition. The content of this Guangzhou Yacht Show is colorful, and the modules displayed are very diverse, including new yacht product display, yacht technology exchange, yacht experience, yacht club operation and driving experience, yacht upstream and downstream industry development, painting art display, red wine, leisure projects, yacht tours and more.

The exhibition covers an area of about 30,000 square meters. Nearly 300 domestic marine manufacturing companies participated and displayed their products, and more than 30,000 people visited the site. Domestic and foreign yacht enthusiasts, yacht manufacturers, international yacht service providers, yacht design companies, etc. came to the site and spent a meaningful few days.


Hiever had the pleasure of spending a few wonderful days here learning about various marine businesses. Hiever is committed to creating better products and more perfect customer service, welcome to contact us now to learn more about marine hardware products.