Stainless Casting Butt Hinge For Fire Extinguisher Company Of UAE

This customer is a company that manufacture firefighting facilities-fire extinguisher in the UAE. Firefighting facilities? Yes, that’s right! Our  stainless casting butt hinges are widely used for various industries. The client needs to produce a batch of fire extinguisher with protecting cabinet for outdoor and public place, such as parks ,hotels, shopping malls. As we know, Outdoor facilities required high anti-corrosive and long lifetime .Especially , the door of the fire extinguisher cabinet should be smooth and easy to open, thus, the high quality strong casting hinges for the cabinet door are very demanding.

Our company HIEVER is manufacturer specializing in the production and supply of marine grade stainless hardware products in China many years. This customer never buy the marine grade stainless steel hinges from China before, so they worry about quality of the hardwares.

We learned that this client needs to find the 38*38mm hinge , the thickness is from 4mm to 5mm, it is lucky that we have the same size hinge to meet their need! We showed the customer our quality inspection processs in our factory, there are strict quality standards carried by our quality team , we pick out the butt hinges with different kind flaws to ensure every hinges are the perfect product! And we showed customer some photos of our previous hinges orders, and the good comments screenshorts from our other old customers, even the customers from Germany , keep orders with us many years and always gives the high praise to us!

Our patience and empressement made this customer rest assured, what is more , our competitive price is another mian reason that they choose us without hesitation .Only with 1-2 weeks communication ,customer placed order and arranged the full payment of 2000pcs this butt casting hinge . After we learn that customer needed this hinges very urgently to for their fire hydrant order, we proactively proposed that we can send the 2000pcs hinges by two shipments , once the first batch 1000pcs are finished ,we would sent to customer immediatly to catch their urgent delivery time ,customer was very happy for our big support and understanding to them!

This client gave high quality comments on our casting stainless steel hinges after they received  our this 38*38mm butt hinges, they sent us the feedback pictures of their fire hydrant box/cabinet with our this hinge , our this hinges size fit their cabinet well, our marine grade AISI316 material and the fine details will make them get more orders from their customers too ! Below is the photo of this fire extinguisher cabinet case. We are confident that this successful application case example will bring more customers from the UAE in the future!