Stainless Casting Butt Hinge For Fire Extinguisher Company Of UAE

This customer is a company that manufacture firefighting facilities-fire extinguisher in the UAE. Firefighting facilities? Yes, that’s right! Our  stainless casting butt hinges are widely used for various industries. The client needs to produce a batch of fire extinguisher with protecting cabinet for outdoor and public place, such as parks ,hotels, shopping malls. As we know, Outdoor facilities required high anti-corrosive and long lifetime .Especially , the door of the fire extinguisher cabinet should be smooth and easy to open, thus, the high quality strong casting hinges for the cabinet door are very demanding.

Our company HIEVER is manufacturer specializing in the production and supply of marine grade stainless hardware products in China many years. This customer never buy the marine grade stainless steel hinges from China before, so they worry about quality of the hardwares.

We learned that this client needs to find the 38*38mm hinge , the thickness is from 4mm to 5mm, it is lucky that we have the same size hinge to meet their need! We showed the customer our quality inspection processs in our factory, there are strict quality standards carried by our quality team , we pick out the butt hinges with different kind flaws to ensure every hinges are the perfect product! And we showed customer some photos of our previous hinges orders, and the good comments screenshorts from our other old customers, even the customers from Germany , keep orders with us many years and always gives the high praise to us!

Our patience and empressement made this customer rest assured, what is more , our competitive price is another mian reason that they choose us without hesitation .Only with 1-2 weeks communication ,customer placed order and arranged the full payment of 2000pcs this butt casting hinge . After we learn that customer needed this hinges very urgently to for their fire hydrant order, we proactively proposed that we can send the 2000pcs hinges by two shipments , once the first batch 1000pcs are finished ,we would sent to customer immediatly to catch their urgent delivery time ,customer was very happy for our big support and understanding to them!

This client gave high quality comments on our casting stainless steel hinges after they received  our this 38*38mm butt hinges, they sent us the feedback pictures of their fire hydrant box/cabinet with our this hinge , our this hinges size fit their cabinet well, our marine grade AISI316 material and the fine details will make them get more orders from their customers too ! Below is the photo of this fire extinguisher cabinet case. We are confident that this successful application case example will bring more customers from the UAE in the future!


High Grade Marine Cast Hardware For Thailand Well-known Shipyard

This customer is a shipyard in Thailand that manufactures and offers repair services for speed boats as well as other types of boats based on the needs of the customer.With more than 30 years of expertise and more than 50 boats produced and repaired each year, they are knowledgeable technicians in boat construction and repair.

This Thailand customer never buy these marine grade stainless steel boat hardware from China before, so they worry about quality because they had very bad experience many years ago with other products. Our sale explain to them carefully that we are professional supplier for these kind marine stainless hardware many years and our quality control is very strict, we inspect each parts before shipment, and we send the purchaser some photos of the marine hardware with different kinds of flaws, and we 100% promise to this customer that we ensure our products will never have these kind flaws.

Our patience and explanation makes our customer rest assured, finally they send trail order with 20 different stainless marine hardware items, including humpbacked cleat, folding cleat, low flat cleat, hollow cleat, marine hinge, flush lift ring, hose deck fill, lift handle, four studs hinge, sliding barrel bolt etc.

With short delivery time, customer give high comments on our products quality after they receive our stainless steel high grade shipyard hardware.We are confident that this successful example will bring more customers from Thailand in the future. Below is the customer comment and order products show :

shipyard hardware stainless steel





Take Apart Removable Cast Hinge Used For Winter Service Vehicle In Germany

This client is one winter service vehicle production company in Germany who is experienced in clearing snow from roads. Their snow removal vehicles are widely used in Germany and they offer a wide range of snow removal vehicles. Clearing the snow on the road is a task and problem faced by our German customer every winter

High latitudes get heavy snowfall, particularly in countries like Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and Poland. German snow removal vehicles are multi-purpose snowplows. German snow removal vehicles come in a variety of designs, and their parts and electrical equipment are intricate. The user of the snow removal vehicle should take good care to maintain and protect the electrical components inside the vehicle when working in snowy locations and during the snow removal procedure. Professional snow removal and snow plows in Germany and European countries are equipped with special devices such as electric salt water sprinklers. A protective cover will be installed at the interface of this type of equipment, and these protective covers can be “opened” and “closed”.

After learning the situation, we advised to them that this connecting hardware of the protective cover is the cast stainless hinge. This hinge should twist up and down freely which can endure long-term frequent operation too, and this hinge can be used in a severe cold environment that is not easy to break in the cold winter.

Hiever take apart stainless cast hinge can easily meet this demand. Our company has always adopted professional precision casting technology which make this casted stainless take apart hinge more durable and stronger than other material. What is more, the internal movable core of this removable hinge adopts a unique design, which is free to move and wear-resistant. Our this cast take apart removable( left+right) hardware are the “must have” gadgets for maintaining snowplow battery equipment and electrical connections, more and more customer choose to install this detachable hinge on the equipment box of the winter maintenance spreader.

Customer agreed with our proposal of our cast stainless take apart hinges for their case, we sent testing sample to them and got their good comments , customer were also satisfied with our mass order quality after they receive these high quality stainless steel take apart left and right hinges

Features of Hiever Detachable Take Apart Hinge:

  • The surface has been mirror polished, which is more beautiful and resistant to rain and weather
  • It is made of stainless steel 316 material, which is not easy to corrode and more durable
  • Unique design, more convenient activities and longer service life
  • It adopts Hiever unique investment casting technology, which can withstand common hail and external impact, and is not easy to deform and damage

This is the take apart (left and right) hinge used for WSV (winter service vehicle). Click on the picture to enter the product page

take apart hinge left and right





Industrial hinge

Stainless steel large dimension industrial hinges for UAE

Stainless steel hinges are widely used in many field in the world. 100% guaranteed stainless steel 316 hinges are not only used in marine industry, but also in many industrial fields.

This case is one of our customers in UAE. They are the manufacturer of heavy duty access hatch and they are looking for heavy duty SS316 hinges. We list some of the issues we discussed in the following.

The installation environment. The material of the hinges they need is SS316. The products are installed outdoor in a coastal areas, therefore, SS316 is required. The requirement of the installation of the hinge is strict in the customer’s industry. They also need the samples to the lab for fire test.

The dimension of the hinges. Most of the dimensions of the hinges are large. For example, 50*50mm, 76*76mm, 100*100mm, 90*120mm. The large size heavy duty hinges can bear more stress and worn in the usage and can last a long time.

The surface finish of the hinge. They choose stain finish. The normal finish is mirror finish. Beside the mirror polished, there are also wire-drawiing according to the customer’s preference. There are few customers who do not need polished, which is used in hidden places, not installed on the surface, of course, the price is a little lower than the polished ones.

Our company has various dimensions of hinges to satisfy the customer’s need. Our professional knowledge and experience make more suggestions for the customer and win the customer’s trust.





hinge for wahing machine

Industrial Customized Size Stainless Steel 304 Hinge For Poland

The customer used to use the polyethylene hinges in the washing machine. The disadvantage is that the polyethylene ones are easy to age and can not last long time. The customer looked for stainless steel hinge to replace the polyethylene ones.


The size of the hinge they need is 64*64mm. The dimension of the hinge is not standard and need to open the mold especially. We open the mold according to the drawing and send the sample to the customer to test the quality. The material we suggest SS304 can satisfy the customer’s need because it is not installed in harsh environment.


Heavy duty stainless steel hinge nowadays are used in more and more commercial and industrial industries for it can bear more strength and worn and have well performance even after very long time.


The hinges our company offered well solve the customer’s problem. The customer replaces the orders regularly every year and start to have cooperation in other kind of hinges.

304/316 Stainless Steel Casting Hinge (60*60mm) Industrial Application Heavy Duty Hinge for sale

    304/316 Stainless Steel Casting Hinge (60*60mm) Industrial Application Heavy Duty Hinge for sale



stud mount grab rail

Stainless Steel Stud Mount Boat Handrail For Canada

Marine grade stainless steel handrail is widely used in boat , yacht , fishing boat ,motor boat ,cruise ship etc .

For your choice , Both SS316 and SS304 are the standard material , various handrail tubes dimension and thickness , different handrail design ,in a word , just let us know your request , we will meet your demands with the most competitive price .The main production of marine grade polished handrail is : screw welding , polishing and sanding , shaping , polishing & brightening , packaging.

This customer is the manufacturer of the motorboats in Canada , our standard stud length is 2 inch (50.8mm) , customer requested 20mm length stud length because his installation space is limited , we suggest 25.4mm stud length and we do not need to cut the stud by manual , customer send back photos after measuring , he accept our stud length as 1 inch length .


grab-handrail for boat


Stainless Cast Keyless Hose Deck Fill

Stainless Cast Keyless Hose Deck Fill For USA

Boat Deck Filler Keyless Cap Filler ,the content showed on this boat filler cap can also as water, fuel,diesel , fuel, gas, waster. keyless design can remove the keys loss trouble, whole high grade SS316 material is resistant against of longtime moisture and corrosion.

Case photo is from USA customer who is the sailboat manufacturer many years , his produced motor boats all changed to our filler caps . This customer are very satisfied with our casted hose deck filler hardware , and our hose deck fill cap suits his sailboats very well .

Hivere is professional supplier of various stainless steel filler cap , for more models , just contact us !



yacht folding cleat

Marine Grade SS316 Cleat For European Yacht Producer

Boat yacht SS316 cleat is widely used in marine fields, our cleats all made by precision casting with 100% Stainless Steel 316 to reach the supreme corrosion-resistant and rust -proof .

Yacht is high grade leisure industry product , so the yacht hardware could also enhance the user experience to improve the whole boat grade , it should be safe and sturdy, what is more, even in the saltwater, can ensure the stability of marine grade stainless boat hardware, removing all the usage worries .

After the purchasing of the first batch of our boat cleats, customer gives us high comments on the hardware quality and our service, they plan to expand the hardware range and increase the item quantity from us.





heavy duty industrial hinge

Heavy Duty Industrial Stainless Steel Hinge For Germany Fitness Facility

Industrial Heavy Duty Hinge Hardware which made by investment casting are very strong to withstand high strength day by day, that is also the advantage compared with common stamping hinges. One of our Germany customer purchase this heavy duty stainless steel hinges from us regularly for his fitness facility company, their fitness facility is very popular in their local market.

The matt wire drawing polishing surface color is fit for the facility style, the smooth surface is safe for users ; high strength , heavy duty , reliable quality , these the reasons that customer choose heavy duty casting stainless steel hinges from us !


stainless hinges for camping trailer

Heavy Duty Customized Hinge For Australia Camping Trailer

OEM stainless steel hinges designed by customer drawing with customer logo on the heavy duty hinges .The stainless steel material can withstand the environment outdoors even in the rainy days and seaside places ;mirror polished surface with customer logo enhance the customer brands influence; customized hinge dimension can meet customer actual application requirement for motorhome , camping trailer,compartment,etc.

Customer is the well-known camping trailer company in Australia, they contacted us for their customized stainless steel hinges. We shared our experience for their design, we had deep project discussion too, finally customer finalized  the most suitable hinge drawing. Our company developed mold based on the drawing and proceeded the production with high quality control. It is really a nice cooperation between us !


hinge for compartment