Customized SS316 Cast T Shape Hinge (100*54mm) Stainless Yacht Strap Long Hinge

Constructed of corrosion resistant investment cast solid  316 stainless steel,The T strap long flush hinges have the good performance at high strength and good loading ability , T -shape casted hinge owns the feature of both strap and butt hinges , Hiever has three diemension T hinges for your option!

Customized SS316 Cast T Shape Hinge (100*54mm) Stainless Marine Strap Long Hinge

  • Marine grade 100% stainless steel
  • Dimension : 100*54mm
  • Surface Finishe : Mirror Polished Fine Finish Without Burr
  • Feature :
  1. Stainless steel cast T shape hinges are produced by silica sol  casting process , it is entirely different process from stamping process hinges .As we know that precision casting strap hinges are heavy duty ,anti-corrosive, durable ,which are widely used  for large cabinet doors, heavy duty gates,  shed doors outside, wooden cases, marine boat and yacht door ,the big electrical control box , some special experiment cabin doors, tunnel furnace equipments etc.
  2. Customized according to the design of customer or the real samples .
  • Similar Hinge Dimension  : 100*54mm (Small) / 152*76mm(Middle ) /   203*98mm (Big)
  • stainless long strap hinge

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