Stainless Steel Cast Top Mount Deck Hinge (70*32mm) Swivel Bimini Hinge Fittings

Universal bimini top mount casted deck hinge are made of complete stainless steel 316, this swivel type deck hinge can be easiliy installed with flexible angle , in addition the removable stainless steel spring can realize quick release for bimini top removal.Come to learn more about our varous high grade marine grade fittings and hardware!

Stainless Steel Cast Top Mount Deck Hinge (70*32mm) Swivel Bimini Hinge  Fittings

  • Dimension : 70*32mm
  • Surface Finishe : Fine Mirror Polished
  • Feature :
    1. Stainless steel cast deck hinges are removable swivel bimini fixing fittings which are mostly used for the bimini top  mounting  . The most featured  is that  this deck hinges allows universal mounting at almost any angle including vertical mounting. The Removable Pin Deck Hinges equipes a spring loaded quick release pin for easy top removal.
    2. Can  equipped with three typs stainless steel pins : Bolt pin ,  spring pin ball pin.
  • Twin Model : 82*32mm Revolving Stainless Steel Deck Hinge For Your Choice
  • Photo Shows:

univedeck bimini fittings hinge

deck hinge casting stainless steel

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