Stainless Steel Latch Locker Hatch Hinge (110*50mm) Latch Clamp Buckle Hardware

Investment cast stainless steel locker hatch latch clamp hardware is marine grade buckle hinge, it provides the easy surface mounting with comfortable use experience. This hatch buckle hinge kit comes with two parts which can coordinate perfectly without loosening. Hiever has more locker hatch latch buckle hinges for your option.

Polished Stainless Steel Latch Locker Hatch Hinge/ Latch Clamp Marine Hardware /Hatch Lock Hinge

  • Material: Marine Grade SS304/316
  • Dimension: 110*50mm
  • Surface Finish: Fine Mirror Polished
  • Feature: Casting locker hatch latch hinge is the marine grade latch clamp hardware, this stainless steel buckle is shock-proof with high strength. Not only ideal for the marine boat and yacht, but also good solution for RV, motorhome, truck, camper car, industrial experiment equipment and so on.

hatch latch cast hingelatch clamp stainless steel hinge

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