Marine Grade Mirror Polish SS316 Door Hinge (40x70mm) Heavy Duty 180° folding Hinge

Hiever marine grade 180° folding door hinges are high quality SS316 material which is very durable and can be easily installed in seawater, lakes, salt-alkali land, swamps and other environments. Hiever heavy duty 40*70mm folding door hinge has a shiny and exquisite appearance, using a design that combines arcs and squares. Hiever Hardware insists on providing customers with the best products and services, welcome to contact us.

Marine Grade Mirror Polish SS316 Door Hinge (40x70mm) Heavy Duty 180° folding Hinge

  • Material: Pure stainless steel 316 material
  • Dimension: 40*70*3.5mm
  • Surface: Mirror polish 100% by hand
  • Features: Heavy duty investment cast hinges, four-hole screws installation, round arc tip design, flexible folding 180 degrees

Hiever 40x70mm 180° folding door hinge is premium marine-grade hardware made of pure SS316 waterproof and corrosion-resistant material. Our heavy-duty reverse 40x70mm hinge adopts the investment casting method to make it more sturdy and robust.

Each piece of Hiever marine grade 40x70mm folding door hinge is polished manually for perfect polishing quality and optimal mirror effect. Hiever 40×70 marine grade folding hinge has built-in non-deformable spring pins, which can easily fold 180 degrees and is not afraid of long-term use.

Hiever durable SS316 heavy-duty door hinges are not limited by space, are simple to install, and are straightforward to use. Hiever 180° folding 40x70mm hinges can be found in ship hulls, decks, container doors, cabinet doors, and other applications.

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