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Stainless Steel Stud Mount Boat Handrail For Canada

Marine grade stainless steel handrail is widely used in boat , yacht , fishing boat ,motor boat ,cruise ship etc .

For your choice , Both SS316 and SS304 are the standard material , various handrail tubes dimension and thickness , different handrail design ,in a word , just let us know your request , we will meet your demands with the most competitive price .The main production of marine grade polished handrail is : screw welding , polishing and sanding , shaping , polishing & brightening , packaging.

This customer is the manufacturer of the motorboats in Canada , our standard stud length is 2 inch (50.8mm) , customer requested 20mm length stud length because his installation space is limited , we suggest 25.4mm stud length and we do not need to cut the stud by manual , customer send back photos after measuring , he accept our stud length as 1 inch length .


grab-handrail for boat


How to Deal With Stainless Steel Drain Vent

How to Deal With Stainless Steel Drain Vent

The choice of stainless steel drains should not only consider aesthetics, but also consider functionality. In various yachts and ships, drain pipes and vents need to be installed to discharge sewage gas, water and oil. Another problem is if the drain hole is blocked by debris. You need to clear it to get clean and safe.

      Before buying a stainless steel drain, you need to know the size of the drain. Not all product designs are suitable for all types of drainage pipes. If you are using a vent, make sure it is installed correctly according to the pipe diameter.

     For learn more , please visit Stainless Steel Marine Grade Filler&Vent .

How to Deal With Stainless Steel Drain Vent