Why Does Stainless Steel Rust?

Although stainless steel marine grade hardware is well knowns as its high anti-corrrosion compared with other metalwork product , it does not mean that the stainless steel hardware will never rust . The proper maintaining is required to keep the stainless steel parts last for long lifetime with nature beautiful shine . All our stainless steel marine hardware are all treated with pickling and passivation process to ensure maximum corrosion protection. Now let us learn the reasons which make the stainless steel hardware rust ,it is the best way to let us to avoid these situations : 

        a. The surface of stainless steel contains dust or other metal particles attached to other metal elements. In humid air, the condensed water between the attached material and the stainless steel connects the two into a micro battery, causing electricity. In the chemical reaction, the protective film is destroyed, which is called electrochemical corrosion.

       b. The surface of the stainless steel adheres to the organic juice (such as melon, noodle soup, glutinous rice, etc.), and in the case of water and oxygen, constitutes an organic acid, and the organic acid corrodes the metal surface for a long time.

       c. The surface of the stainless steel adheres to acid, alkali, and salt substances (such as alkali water and stone water splashing on the wall), causing local corrosion.

       d. In polluted air (such as the atmosphere containing a large amount of sulfide, carbon oxide, nitrogen oxide), in the case of condensed water, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid liquid point is formed, causing chemical corrosion.

Once you find some point of rust on the stainless steel hardware ,  do not overlook ,just treat this rusty place at the first time you find , with your efficient treatment , sometimes this rusty can be removed easily . 

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