Why You Can Not Neglect Stainless Steel Precision Casting Hinge?

 If you have some knowledge about precision casting , you should know that there are two main process for casting hinge production, one is that all the hinges parts are ready, the hinges wings come from investment casting, the middle connecting pin is by machinging; then we go to other main process to assemble all the parts together, this process requires a very accurate fit between the two wings and the pin, otherwise the two wings of hinges can not folded and moved freely for application due to any imprecise production operations. In a word, castig hinge is small and simple hardware, but the technolgy and operation is not simple!

Precision casting is the joining of moving parts in the correct positions without any errors in timing or movement. Precision casting is a complex process that has to be done accurately and precisely to ensure proper joints are formed between two moving hinge wing. The accuracy of the hinge wings and the proper mating play a major role in the overall performance of the product.

Precision casting is  complex and time consuming process.  The casting starts with a basic design with detailed hinge dimension to develop the mould, in this process the professional engineer need to consider the tolerance, the production error, also the pin fitting clearance of the two hinge wings etc, any small mistake can cause the failure, even all the efforts and production will be wasted.

Typically, these Stainless Steel Casting Hinges are not only used on cabinets and door but also for connecting hardware such as the tie rods. In order to ensure the quality of precision casting hinges there are many different aspects that need to be paid high attention. It is very important that a professional technician can watch and manage all the production process . 

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