Polished Stainless Steel Marine Grade Boat Hinge Hardware Heavy Duty Door Hinge

Stainless steel marine grade boat hinge is made from 100% stainless steel, mirror polished, various dimensions for your option or accept customized design. The ss hinges are widely used in marine boats or industry fields. Our company strictly follows the international quality management systems and standards to implement the scientific internal management and the quality control for various working process.

Polished Stainless Steel Marine Grade Boat Hinge Hardware Heavy Duty Door Hinge

  • Marine grade 100% stainless steel
  • Dimension: Various Dimension for your Choice.
  • Surface Finish: Mirror Polished
  • Feature: Reliable and Durable

Stainless steel marine casting hinges are made of silica sol investment casting process. Compared with stamping hinges, stainless hinges are much durable and sturdy with high loading capacity, which is more, the cast hinge can be designed to the requested thickness, and the structure can be customized more freely and complicated.

Although the casting stainless hinges are heavy and thick, but the two leaves of hinge can be rotate 180 angle very easy and flexible! More and more industries come to us for this stainless heavy duty hinge hardware, such as special experiment equipment doors, tunnel furnace, electric control box, warehouse shelf, motorhome producer, power distribution cabinet etc.

We have gained stable clients home and abroad with regular orders of various marine grade casted hinge hardware. We also accept OEM orders with customer drawing or customer logo.

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