Stainless Steel Boat Marine Grade Hinge OEM Heavy Duty Mirror Polished Hinge

Stainless steel casting hinges are produced by silica sol investment casting process , it is entirely different process from the stamping hinges . This investment casting hinges are heavy duty, anti-corrosive, durable. Our factory will produce the moulds according to the drawings or samples provided by customers, welcome to your inquiry!

Stainless Steel Boat Marine Grade Hinge OEM Heavy Duty Mirror Polished Hinge

  • Material : Marine grade 100% stainless steel
  • Dimension : Various Dimension for your Choice.
  • Surface Finish : Mirror Polished / Shocking Polishing /Color Painting
  • Feature :

Stainless heavy duty marine grade  hinges are entirely different maufacture from the stamping hinge hardware . Investment casting hinges require long production time and more producing process . Due to the features of high strength and stability, stainless steel marine grade hinges tapically used for seawater and other harsh envrionment ,  in addtion , more and more industrial fileds realize the advantage of the stainless cast hinges and prefre to choose them , such as big electrical control cabinet  , outdoor heavy gates ,motorhome cars , compartment ,experiment equipment , locker, hatch,  etc . The fine smooth surface finish with shining gloss is another important reason that the industria cast heavy duty hinge is more and more popular .

Hiever has  gained stable clients home and abroad with regular orders of these stainless steel marine hinge hardware .OEM orders with customer drawing or customer logo are available too  ,welcome your inquiry!

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