Heavy Duty  Stainless Steel Marine Hinge (76*38mm) Stainless Butt Hinge

Stainless steel marine grade hinge hardware, stainless boat door hinge, boat deck butt hinge, the ability to withstand wear and tear makes these stainless hinges the most popular types of marine hardware, your smart choice with marine grade yacht hardware allows them to remain shining and looking their best for many years without the threat of corrosion or rust!

High quality  Stainless Steel Marine Hinge (76*38mm)Stainless Butt Boat Hinge

  • Marine grade 100% stainless steel
  • Dimension: 76*38*5mm (3″*1-1/2″*0.2″)
  • Surface Finish: Mirror Polished
  • Feature: Stainless steel marine grade hinges are produced by silica sol investment casting process, it has the high loading bearing ability than other hinges. The high precision investment casting can000 ensure the solid hinge with strong structure and smooth surface; the fine polishing (mirror or wiredrawing) make the surface much luxury and beautiful even after many years, protecting the stainless steel against corrosion in any environment as well.
  • Brother Hinge (Similar Shape)
  • Drawing

Mirror-Polished butt Marine hinge

Bigger one : 102*38mm

Smaller one : 76*38mm

Stainless Butt Hinge marine