Marine Yacht Hinged Jaw Slide With Bolt Quick Release Bimini Top Hinge Rail Mount Clamp

Yacht hinged jaw slide is a rail mount bimini top fitting, also known as hinge rail mount clamp. When installing the hinged rail mount clamp, it needs to be used together with the canvas-specific top cap. Welcome to visit more high-quality hardware products such as hinge, cleat, deck fill, pipe hardware, etc.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Canvas Jaw Slide (22/25mm) Clevis Slide Bimini Top Jaw Slide Rail fittings

  • Material:AISI316 by Investment Casting
  • Dimension: 22mm/25mm/30mm/38mm/50mm
  • Feature of Jaw Slide With Bolt Quick Release:
  • Clip-on Installation, more flexible allow slight Error
  • Two screw/bolts that can be adjusted (The outer bolt can be replaced with a quick release)
  • The two bolts of the hinged jaw slide make the connected pipes tighter and less prone to shaking. Buyers can choose hinged jaw slide with double bolt or hinged rail mount clamp with one bolt and one quick release according to their own needs. The advantage of Hiever bimini top rail clamp is that there is no need for install fittings or fasteners (such as screw) to the clamped tubing/piping.

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