100% Guaranteed 316 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Cast Hinge(50*50mm)Industrail Hinge Outdoor

Quality is the life of any reliable company. Hiever ensure the 100% correct material because we have strict quality control procedures. Marine grade stainless steel 304 or 316 cast hinge hardware is the ideal choice for sea boats, vessels, also smart choice for some industrial occasions, heavy duty door and gate outdoor to resist corrosion.

100% Guaranteed 316 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Cast Hinge (50*50mm) Hardware Industrail Hinge Outdoor

  • Material Marine grade 100% stainless steel 304/316
  • Dimension: 50 *50*5mm/ 2″*2″*0.17″
  • Surface Finish: Mirror Polished or Blank Hinge
  • Feature: Heavy-duty hinges are mainly used in industrial equipment, because the doors of industrial equipment are generally large and heavy, thus the load-bearing requirements of the hinges are relatively high, especially for some special experiment equipment doors, tunnel furnace equipment, etc. Stainless steel casting is the better way to produce heavy duty industrial hinges. We accept OEM orders, welcome your inquiry and all the inquiry will be dealt within 24 hours!
  • Drawing:

butt hinge drawing

  • Detailed Product  Photo:

heavy duty casted butt hinge

investment casting process -hiever