Finding the Right Hinge, Stamping Hinge or Casting Hinge ?

The hinge wing thickness of Investment casting hinge are at least 3mm, that is different from the stamping hinge wing of thickness less than 2mm( most thickness of stamping hinge is 1mm,1.5mm) .

Most steel stamping hinge comes with the installation screws , stamping hinges are widely used in home door and furniture accessory, however the casting hinges are widely used in marine and industrial sites .Both stamping and casting hinges can be customized by customer design and sample to meet the actual needs, and the mold developing cost is not expensive .

The most surface treatment of casted hinge and stamped hinges  is mirror polishing and wiredrawing polishing. Both stamping metal hinge and casting hinge can coated colors with powder coating. Hiever has the alibility to meet your different request of casting hinge and stamping metal hinge .

stamping stainless steel hinge