Australian Customer Likes Quality of Our Stainless Polished Casting Hinge

We finish production of the stainless steel marine grade OEM parts , our customer asked us to send small batch by express courier to meet the urgent need.Our customer sent us email to show that they are very happy with the parts quality , we are very happy to hear that too .

Photo Below is the rough casting part of the stainless steel hinge , only after many future porocess assembling and polishing , you can finally get the finished mirror-like stainless steel industrial hinges . 

Australian Customer Likes Quality of Our Polished Casting Hinge


OEM Stainless Marine Part Hardare Application

Most of the time, OEM marine parts are considered as the most expensive spares that are available in the market.These OEM Stainless Steel Hardware Parts are best for those who own high-priced fishing vessels or big cruises, or the manufacturer of these boats and yatchts , in addition ,these stainless parts can also be used in almost all types of marine vessels including sailing boats and powerboats.

For the yacht an boats producer , especially the high grade boats manufacturer , the stainless steel marine grade hardware is essential due to the parts stability and corrrosion resistance . You can image that it is really a bad thing that the boat are still new , but the parts on the boats are already with rust and color fading ! Except the traditional yacht industry , more and more motorhome company find these kind marine grade parts from us , to these fields ,most companies prefer the OEM parts to suit their design , or with their logo to enhance their brand , Hiever can meet your demands for these OEM parts , however , Hiever can zealously offer our value suggestions and experience to ensure your part design to be applicable for your products !


Hiever Metalwork is  the professional supplier of  Stainless Steel OEM Hardware And Standard Marine Grade Hardware .


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