Yacht Water Diesel deck Filler Long-lasting Deck Fill (48*48*69mm) Keyless Cap Deck Fill Thru Hull Fittings

Water diesel deck filler is a device used by the ship hull for drainage, exhaust gas, and oil drainage, among other things. The high-end stainless steel deck fill is more waterproof, moisture-proof and rust-proof, and is an essential thru hull fittings. All products are in regular stock, you are welcome to place an order to lock the value stocks for you.

Skin Fittings Stainless Steel through hull outlet with Hose Connection Boat Accessories

Dimension: 48mm*48mm*69mm

Inner Diameter of Tube: 17.5mm

Screw: M5*20mm

Unit Weight : 0.182kg

Surface: mirror polish

Material: investment casted  316

Hiever water diesel deck filler can be installed in any position of the hull, depending on the boat’s structure and the location of the drain or exhaust pipe. Generally, it is recommended to be installed near the boat waterline. Our device is water tight and not prone to collapsing or kinking. Our water and diesel deck filler is in high demand and widely used; it is professionally made and reasonably priced.

When installing Hiever deck filler, M5 screw is required for installation, and customers can additionally request M5*20 screw when placing an order. The deck filler of our company is a keyless type, the cover can be twisted open when in use, and the cover can be tightened when not in use, and it is not easy to fall off after twisting it on.

All of our company’s stainless steel hardware products are stocked with high specifications and we guarantee that the goods can be delivered safely and timely.