SS316 Boat Keyless Angled Hose Lift Cap Water Deck Filler Deck Hardware

38mm/50mm (1.5”/2”) angled hose deck fill is primarily used to drain water off the ship’s deck, and the elbow design accommodates a variety of ship situations. Hiever angled deck fill is built of stainless steel 316 material to withstand environments where it frequently comes into contact with water. Get in touch with us right away to discover more about deck fill!

SS316 Boat Keyless Angled Hose Lift Cap Water Deck Filler Deck Hardware

  • Surface: High Mirror Polished
  • Material: AISI316
  • Process: Investment cast + assemble+ mirror polish
  • Feature: angled body; without key;
  • Label : Water, fuel, diesel, gas, waste, petrol
  • Angled at 30 Degrees.

The keyless angled hose deck fill is strong and resistant to long-term seawater and salt water erosion. The deck filler is made of investment cast 316 stainless steel and the cap of the 38mm/50mm (1.5”and 2”) angled deck fill is mirror-polished.

Each water/fuel/diesel /gas/waste angled deck fill is equipped with a concealable cap handle, and the chain of the angled deck fill connects the deck filler’s cap and the deck fill. The chain strengthen the security of the water deck filler.

What are the features of keyless angled hose deck fill?

  • The 38mm/50mm angled water deck filler has its own unique features. The pipe of the angled water deck filler is bent to speed up drainage. And the key structure of the angled deck filler enables simple locking and unlocking.
  • Hiever angled deck fill (watet, fuel,diesel,gas,waste,petrol )uses a twist-lift lever design. The user can lock it with a key, or the users can hold the lever with their hands, and then rotate the lever hard to tighten it.

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