Yacht Straight Fuel Gas Tank Vent Fittings Marine Hardware Stainless Steel Fuel Tank Vent Part

Stainless steel gas tank vent with screened holes provides the needed air flow to maintain fuel flow while filling the gas and during use. Two screens provide a barrier to keep unwanted contaminants away from the tank. Constructed of marine degree investment case 316 stainless steel.

Boat Straight Fuel Gas Tank Air Vent Marine Hardware Stainless Steel Boat Parts

Material: Stainless Steel 316

Finish: Mirror Polished

Feature: Heavy duty 316 grade stainless steel fuel gas tank air vent is made by investment casting with precision dimension Polished surface with mirror gloss, strong corrosion resistance even in the sea water environment.

Usage Tips: When your boat gas tank is not normal venting. please firstly check the screen of the gas tank vent fitting. If the screen looks

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