AISI 316 Thru-Hull Intake Strainer (1/2’’,3/4’’,1’’,1-1/4’’,1-1/2’’) High Speed Thru Hull Scoop Strainer Threaded Thru-Hull Fitting

AISI316 through-hull intake strainer is one of thru hull fitting of various ships, mainly used to filter larger waste particles doped in water or oil. Marine grade high speed stainless steel thru-hull scoop strainers are stronger, chemical resistant and compatible with all hulls. All marine hardware products are available on the website, thank you for your visit.

AISI 316 Thru-Hull Intake Strainer (1/2’’,3/4’’,1’’,1-1/4’’,1-1/2’’) High Speed Thru Hull Scoop Strainer Threaded Thru-Hull Fitting

  • Dimension:1/2’’,3/4’’,1’’,1-1/4’’,1-1/2’’
  • Material: investment cast 316 stainless steel
  • Surface: high mirror finish
  • Key Features: includes flange nut

Thru-hull intake strainer can also be called “Water pickup filter scoop” or “pipe intake strainer”. AISI316 thru-hull intake strainers are commonly used for raw water intakes on smaller inboard gasoline and diesel engines. Serviceable thru-hull intake strainer uses straight thread and ground stud designs. Flange nut lessens the possibility of the component being harmed and makes it less likely for it to come loose as a consequence of an uneven fastening surface.

Our thru-hull intake strainer directs water into the intake at slower speeds while helping to prevent air lock at higher speeds. The through-hull scoop strainer is a popular and useful boat accessory. In addition to the engine intake in the cabin, through-hull intake strainers can also be used in bait tanks and AC cooling pick-ups.

Hiever thru-hull intake strainer is made of marine grade investment cast 316 stainless steel. It is more corrosion-resistant and capable of withstanding prolonged seawater immersion when compared to cast bronze thru-hull intake strainers currently on the market. Thru-hull water pickup filter scoop produced by Hiever is even more stunning-looking and has a shiny appearance.

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