Miniature Corrosion-resistant 40mm Tuning Fork For Various Applications

40mm mini vibration tuning fork belongs to stainless casting accessories. The Miniature tuning fork can be fitted into small and medium-sized pipes and tanks. The 40mm vibration tuning fork is manufactured by precision casting technology and can be used together with the liquid level tuning fork switch to meet a variety of special applications. Welcome to contact Hiever now.

Miniature Corrosion-resistant 40mm Tuning Fork For Various Applications

  • Surface: High polished / Blank state after investment casting
  • Material: Stainless steel marine grade 304/316
  • Service: support machining
  • Dimension of fork size: About 40mm
  • Application: level measurement/ Density & viscosity measurement

The 40mm tuning fork is a stainless steel metal casting fitting and is widely used. Hiever tuning fork part is used in automation industrial measurement instrument products such as liquid level switches, liquid fork density meters. Stainless steel tuning fork is also used in radar gun calibration, electric piano calibration, and some medical procedures. The tuning fork vibration principle is well-liked in the contemporary industrial sphere due to its usefulness and applicability.

What is the reason of choosing the 40mm tuning fork?

The small 40mm vibrating tuning fork part has its own unique uses.

The industrial environment is complex and diverse. For example, when measuring the density of a certain tank, the connection diameter of some tanks is small, and a 100mm fork cannot successfully enter the tank (pipe). At this time, the miniature tuning fork can easily enter tank and perform precise signal detection.

For the case of small connection diameter (small thread size or small flange size), we recommend users to use this 40mm miniature stainless steel tuning fork.

Hiever stainless tuning frok part for level meter