AISI 304/316 Durable Vibrating Rod Tuning Fork For Industrial Measuring Usage

Rod vibrating tuning fork is an industrial grade tuning fork accessories, of course, it can also be used in specific medical occasions according to the needs of users. The vibrating rod tuning fork can be used with a variety of measuring equipment. The rod design makes the vibrating rod tuning fork more sensitive and more stable. Welcome to choose rod type vibrating fork, contact Hiever hardware now.

AISI 304/316 Durable Vibrating Rod Tuning Fork For Industrial Measuring Usage

  • Surface: Mirror Finish / Blank
  • Material: Investment casting AISI304/316
  • Process: With or without Machining process
  • Dimension: About 45mm

Tuning fork with thin rod adopts the stainless steel investment casting process, we can not only provide customers with tuning fork rough part, Hiever can also provide machined fork accessories for customers. Tuning fork rod type can be used in various occasions, such as level detection and density measurement.

Rod type tuning fork is small in size, low in yield, and very strict on the production and quality inspection process. Hiever  has always adopted the most advanced equipment and the most meticulous quality inspection methods, and we are responsible for every order and every product.

What are the benefits of rod tuning fork?

  • The pole design of the Tuning fork makes the installation more secure, not easy to fall off, and provides multiple guarantees for the installation.
  • Stainless steel vibrating tuning fork is harder, more vibrating and less prone to wear.
  • The prong of the rod tuning fork uses a wide and flat head, which has a wider contact surface and better detection sensitivity.