Heavy Duty SS 316 Single Cross Bollard Mooring Post Cleat Hardware

Hiever mirror polished single cross bollard is composed of high-grade stainless steel 316, which is more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Hiever mooring post cross bollard is a marine grade heavy duty mooring bollard made of multi-layer process, our cross bollard is ideal for diverse maritime situations. We welcome you to get in touch now.

Heavy Duty SS 316 Single Cross Bollard Mooring Post Cleat Hardware (12*9.5*13cm/12.2*9.7*12.2cm)

  • Material: Higher grade SS 316 material
  • The production process: Investment Casting
  • Surface Finish: Highly Polished by hand at every angle
  • Use: Rope mooring
  • Dimension: 2 different sizes: size one: 12*9.5*13cm ; size two: 12.2*9.7*12.2cm

Hiever SS 316 Cross bollards are used for tethering to secure boats and are an essential part of mooring systems. Each cross bollard has to go through at least 16 production processes, which makes our cross bollard products harder, thicker and better in performance.

Hiever chooses higher grade ANSI316 materials to make our products more suitable for wet and corrosive environments, such as seawater/salt water. The lanyard handles on both sides of the Hiever cross bollard are actually a one-piece long solid pole that runs through the body. This design results in a cross bollard that can withstand greater tension, increasing safety and enhancing the effectiveness of securing the boat.

The cross bollards are carefully and smoothly welded, and the surface is polished in all directions, striving for the finesse of every detail. The surface of the cross bollards is highly polished by hand (non-electrolytic polishing) at every angle. The polished surface of the cross bollard is more uniform and flawless, which improves the waterproof and anti-corrosion effect of the cross bollard.

We are a professional production factory, all products are produced by ourselves. Our company only keeps high-quality stock to provide customers with the best quality products. Hiever Marine Grade Factory is waiting for your contact, contact us now.