AISI316 Spring-up Thru-bolt Pull Up Folding Cleat (6”/8”) Marine Cleats Deck Hardware

This foldable cleat is made of AISI316 material casting process, which is stronger and more durable. On the basis of the original folding cleat, a spring is added, and the folding handle can be opened by pressing the button easily. Now contact Hiever Hardware to get more high-quality stainless steel casting boats Hardware!

AISI316 Spring-up Thru-bolt Pull Up Folding Cleat (6”/8”) Marine Cleats Deck Hardware

  • Material: High End Stainless Steel 316 Material
  • The production process: Investment Casting
  • Surface Finish: High Mirror Polished
  • Use: Belongs to boat yachts parts accessories, can be used as handle or Rope mooring
  • Dimension: 150mm/200mm(6 inch and 8 inch )

This Hiever pull up folding cleat is a marine hardware fitting produced by stainless steel 316 casting process, which is generally installed on the deck. Hiever pull up folding cleat is a multi-purpose cleat, our pull up folding cleat with spring can be used not only as a mooring line but also as a cabin handle or as a bow rail.

The surface of the entire pull-up folding cleat is highly mirror-polished, which is not only clear and beautiful, but also silky and not easy to scratch. This design ensures that the spring up pull up folding cleat can resist strong light and rain. Our spring up folding cleat is very simple to assemble, and the material is heavy enough to prevent bumping and falling off.

How to use HIever spring up pull-up folding up cleat?

Hiever pull up folding up cleat has been upgraded. A thru-bolt spring is installed on the bottom of the cleat. This spring has a button design on the front of the cleat. The folding handle pops out easily at the touch of a button by the user. After use, the user can simply presses the handle into the lock position.