Hand Rail End Top Mount Commercial Bow Rails (170*52*35/175*53*38mm)

This VHF boat antenna mount from our company is made of high performance 316 stainless steel and is casted to be more robust than other material types . Hiever VHF marine boat antenna hardware mount is designed with international standard model, easy to place and extract, not only for medium-sized cruise ships but also for private yachts. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

Hand Rail End Top Mount Commercial Bow Rails (170*52*35/175*53*38mm) Stair Railing Stainless Steel Bottom Mount End Hand Rail Fitting

  • Dimension:  170*52*35mm / 175*53*38m
  • Surface: Mirror polish
  • Material: high end SS316
  • Tube: 22mm/25mm

The Hand Rail End Top Mount has a shiny, smooth surface, a non-perforated armrest, and an improved thickness. Because of its fully polished, non-perforated surface, suitability for concealed installation, and other aspects, the boat’s smooth elegance is enhanced and a clumsy feeling is avoided. The best rail fitting in our company’s rail fitting series is this hand rail end top mount.

End hand rail hardware primarily serves the purpose of fastening rails and ladders after installation. Customers can flexibly install it according to their demands, and it can be positioned on the deck or on top of the cabin. We promise on-time delivery and high quality hand rail fittings to you with competitive wholesale price!

High grade stainless steel handrail fittings not only increase the safety for the boat/yacht/vessel users from falling off, but also add your vessel’s appearance, offering the vessel bow rail a more seamless appearance .