Sturdy Boat Rail Mount Flag Pole Socket (22-25mm) Adaptable Flagpole High Polished Rail-mounted Bracket

The sturdy boat rail mount flagpole socket can be installed either upright or sideways on boat rails or pipes. Rustproof adaptable flagpole brackets are high-quality nautical and flag-mounting equipment. Our company’s rail mounted bracket and other marine grade stainless hardware are of high quality; please contact us if you have any questions!

AISI316 Top Mount Boat Flagpole Bracket (70*53mm) Flagpole Socket With Knob Yacht Flagpole Mount

  • Dimension: 22-25mm
  • Material: Stainless steel 316
  • Surface:  High polished

The rail mount flag pole socket from our company features two adjustment parts. The knob located between the flag pole and the socket allows you to simply adjust the tightness of the flag pole and socket. There is also an adjustment on the lower end of the port where the armrest is attached. Rail-mounted flexible flagpole bracket can be affixed to rails with diameters ranging from 22 to 25mm.

Rail mount flagpole socket may be put on the gunwale of a boat or yacht, and our rail mount flagpole can withstand 4-5 level sea breeze. The rail mount flagpole bracket’s mirror-polished design exudes a high-end sense, and buyers may enjoy a high-end experience.

Most of our marine grade stainless steel boat hardware have regular stocks which can ensure you the fast delivery, welcome to contact us for solutions which fits you.