Marine AISI316 Boat Bow Eye Stern Eye U Bolt Tie Down with Hex Nuts and Washers

These Bow Eyes are intended to be used on your boat’s bow as a tie-down point. Bow eye stern eye U bolt tie down includes adjustable finish nuts, which offer better performance than stern eyes made in the crimp ring type. AISI316 grade material is the most suitable choice for sea water environment.

Marine AISI316 Boat Bow Eye Stern Eye U Bolt Tie Down with Hex Nuts and Washers

  • Dimension:
  • Surface: mirror polished
  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel

316 grade stainless steel with a brilliant polished outside surface is used often as deck hardware in extremely corrosive maritime conditions. Hiever bow eyes are constructed from corrosion-resistant machined 316 stainless steel. Bow eyes can be used with Lift Eyes to create a stronger lifting assembly. Before using, pay attention to check whether its surface is clean. And it is not allowed to be stained with oil, soil and other debris.

Although Bow Eye Stern Eye is a small hardware, it plays a big role. When choosing bow eye, we should focus on its safety. Hiever Bow Eye /Stern Eye go through strict stamping process. The professional control of processes makes our U bolt tie down more firm and durable.

Stern Eyes are popular with customers because of their safety, reliability, beauty, durability and convenient operation. Marine grade bow eyes can be used not only in yachts but also in factories. In addition to these models, we can also provide customized services to create your exclusive products. Welcome to consult and order!