Stainless Steel Yacht Paddle Fork High Quality Paddle Seat Rowlock Reasonable Price

Heavy duty 316 stainless steel boat yacht rowlock, high quality marine hardware with mirror polishing finish and strong corrosion resistance. Accessories for ship, yacht, FRP yachts, inflatable boats, yacht etc.

Product Details

Stainless Steel Boat Yacht Rowlock (122*80mm) High Quality Marine Hardware

Material: stainless steel AISI 316

Feature :Heavy duty 316 grade stainless steel construction for enhancing its strength and durability of the stainless steel Boat Rowlock.Surface with mirror polishing finish, strong corrosion resistance in the saltwater environment. Suitable for ship, yacht, FRP yachts, inflatable boats, all kinds of yacht etc.

Condition: 100% Brand New

Color: Silver

Size: 122*80mm

Stainless marine hardware - Hiever

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