Heavy duty marine grade SS316 polished door lock latch boat lockable latch clamp (55*28*2mm)

Hiever door lock latch is a high-end stainless steel door lock fastener, also known as Hiever marine grade lockable latch clamp. Hiever heavy-duty lock latch is produced by a multi-stage casting process, with a thickness of 5mm. Hiever door lock latch provides double security and is more anti-theft. Waiting for your contact, to provide you with the best service.

Heavy duty marine grade SS316 polished door lock latch boat lockable latch clamp (55*28*2mm)

Every Hiever heavy duty door lock latch is excellent for a maritime environment. Lock latches are composed of high-quality SS316. In comparison to other stainless steel lock latch goods, this one is stronger and has a longer service life. The installation of a Hiever lockable latch clamp is flexible. It can be used as cabinet door fasteners, as well as on ship hatches lock and interior doors latch lock.

Highlights of Heavy Duty Lock Latch:

  1. Made of 100% pure SS316, solid, no deformation, no break
  2. The surface is exquisitely polished by hand.
  3. Lock latch adopts safer lockable latch clamp
  4. lock latch catch has two options: 3 holes catch and 4 holes catch
  5. Suitable for a variety of doors, cabinets, control boxes and so on

How to buy this high quality Heavy Duty Lock Latch?

We provide customers with one-to-one service, now contact us by email, Whatsapp, phone, etc. and tell us the product name and quantity you want. Heavy duty marine grade lock latch lockable latch clamp is guaranteed to satisfy you.

Dimension of Door Lock Latch:

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